Dulux Academy Spray Essentials


Spray Essentials

“A simpler way to a great finish”

Registration & dates: https://forms.office.com/r/1tiPLHZXPE

Cost: €190 or 5000 Dulux Trade Points

Location: Dulux Academy Cork T23 ET21

This is a full day course running 9-4pm.

Let us show you how spraying could benefit your business

We know that time is money, so it’s worth pointing out that spraying is up to five times faster than using a traditional roller, making it a great way to cover large areas quickly. We’d also like to reassure you that spraying gives excellent results, distributing paint evenly for a uniform finish that will only serve to strengthen your rep

This course introduces the variety of spray units commonly used within the decorative industry with application focused on the use of both airless and HVLP. 


Develop your understanding of the setting up of spray machines including suitable tips/filters and maintenance.

Highlight potential safety issues when working with spray equipment.

Develop masking and spray application techniques.

Provide you with information necessary to enable you to make informed decisions when choosing equipment for your project.

Hosted by Dominic Crowley