How to find new clients

Build your business by sharing your passion for the trade




Even in busy times, it’s worth promoting yourself for the months ahead. The key is to share the expertise that you put into practice every day.


Think local

Travel eats up time and money, so focus on your local area. Introduce yourself to local building firms, and use community spaces such as schools, sports facilities, bars and doctor’s surgeries to advertise and develop a word-of-mouth network. And be proud to share testimonials to impress potential clients – read more on Getting the perfect testimonial.


Find a focus

Be confident in the service you offer and identify your target customers. If that’s middle-income families, who might want to redecorate more regularly, consider offering a touch-up service in the price of a job. Or, you could promote yourself as only using water-based paints, which are more environmentally friendly.


Stand out

Direct mail can work, but try to make your design stand out from the usual images of a painter in overalls or holding a tub of paint. Bold use of colour is a good way to start, and spending a little money on a graphic designer can mean that leaflets get a better response. Leaflets delivered through a postal service tend to look more professional, and get better results, than going door to door yourself.


Go mobile

Traditional advertising will only get you so far. Being online is important, but doesn’t have to mean hours at a computer. A business page on Facebook makes it easy to reach potential customers and Instagram is great for showing images of your best work.

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