Colour Best Practice





The human eye can differentiate between 10 million colours, and the way we perceive them can be altered by factors such as the way the building is lit, the sheen level and the texture of the surface it is applied to.

When using colour, there are some best practice guidelines that should always be followed:

  • Use a single batch for a job or discreet area, i.e. mixed on the same machine at the same time. If using a mixed batch, they should be combined in a large container, or not used in areas where they can be directly compared.


  • Do not use ready mixed and tinted paint on the same job.


  • Check colour before applying. Ideally, the project specifier should provide a sample to check against.


  • Remember that lighting can affect colour appearance.


  • Touching up should only be attempted using paint from the original job and the same application methods. It is also recommended that it is carried out up to a break in the wall or surface.
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