Polycell Trade Polyfilla Exterior Filler

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Key benefits
  • Rock hard finish, good impact resistance
  • Sets in 1 hour
  • Strong adhesion - accepts bolts, nails and screws
Technical Information
  • Finish N/A
  • Coverage Rock hard finish + Sets in 1 hour
Product Features

Product Description

Polycell Weatherproof Polyfilla produces a tough exterior filler, and is suitable for general outdoor filling jobs. The formula sets in 60 minutes to a grey weatherproof finish. It will accept bolts and screws and will not shrink or crack. The Polycell Weatherproof Filler comes ready mixed in a 330g Tube.

Application Description

Mix approx. 2.5 volume of powder with 1 volume of water to give the desired consistency. Always add the powder to the water. For very porous surfaces use slightly more water. Fill repair slightly proud. Level to the surrounding area by either smoothing or by scraping when the filler is firm but before it sets.

Technical & Safety Documentation

  • pt_gb_en_polyfilla_exterior_filler.pdf

Tips & Advice

  • 1. Preparing the Surfaces
    To get the best results make sure surfaces are clean, dry and free from any loose material. For very porous substrates moisten the entire area prior to application of filler.
  • 2. Cleaning
    After use, clean tools with warm water immediately after use.