A hotel lobby painted with warm pinks and terracottas

Boosting hospitality spaces with Dulux Trade Colour of the Year

The positive tones in our uplifting and warm colour stories can help create the kind of settings where people want to gather with friends and family, and relax. 

What should be the aim of hospitality environments today? Delight – according to the experts. In today’s post-pandemic world, people have a growing appetite for playfulness, optimism and light relief 1, and public spaces that want to stand out need a wow factor.2 The joyful, pastel colours in the Dulux Trade uplifting colour story are designed to do just that. 

As well as making an impact, a hospitality space needs to feel warm and welcoming. Research shows that, today, rather than cool grandeur, people are looking for an elevated but comfortable ‘home-from-home’ feeling. The global earth tones found in the Dulux Trade warm colour story help to bring a cosy ambience to places where people want to come together and relax. And, of course, Dulux Trade Colour of the Year, Sweet Embrace™, works beautifully with all these shades.

1Constantina Tsoutsikou, Founder, Studio LOST, from Roundtable discussion, hoteldesigns.net, April 2022.

2Brenda Milis, The Future-100-2022 Wunderman Thompson, January 2022

A softer exterior scheme

A hotel exterior with tree planters painted in different warm, earthy colors – from pink to terracotta.

The earthy shades of soil, sand, clay and terracotta in the Dulux Trade warm colour story come from the same tonal family and work naturally together. Here, used in combination with Sweet Embrace™, they help to soften the profile of a building, giving it an approachable feel.

A warm and welcoming lobby

A hotel lobby with warm pink walls and furniture.
Our warm colour story is made up of natural shades that feel cosy and embracing. Here, the pinks and terracottas of the walls have been picked out in the furniture creating a soft, layered effect that’s inviting and cocooning.

Adding sweetness to a functional space

A hotel corridor painted with a split wall effect.
Upllifting colours can bring energy and positivity to every part of a hospitality space. Here, a split wall effect combining ochre and Sweet Embrace™ brings a friendly, creative feel to a corridor area.

A hotel corridor painted with a split wall effect.

A stepped hotel exterior painted in soft pink with accents in yellow and ochre

The shades in our Dulux Trade uplifting colour story can bring personality and light-heartedness to any exterior scheme. A mix of modern ochres and soft pastels creates surprising and joyful colour combinations that can be used across exterior elements to bring an energizing feel. 

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