With Dulux Trade water-based paints you are able to complete two coats in a day whilst creating a finish that mimics the sheen and smooth flowout properties of traditional solvent-based products. Achieve a professional result that lasts with all the benefits of water-based.

Diamond Satinwood – Matt Gray

Matt Gray from our Dulux Academy highlights the benefits of our latest water-based paint, Diamond Satinwood. Now available in colour!

Schemes with coloured woodwork

How to add colour to your woodwork to give the finishing touch to your decorating job.

Our water-based products

Application techniques

Water-based application techniques. Matt from the Dulux Academy gives his application techniques for applying water-based paint.

Benefits of water-based paint

See the benefits of using water-based paint over solvent-based.

Applying water-based

When painting water-based over solvent-based, how would you prepare the surface? Matt from the Dulux Academy gives his advice.

Tools to use

Which tool would you use to apply water-based paint? Matt from the Dulux Academy gives his advice.

*Diamond Satinwood is available in light and extra deep bases, enabling the majority of colours to be mixed. The full colour range will be available in the future. Diamond Satinwood offers superior grease resistance and excellent flow and levelling for a premium finish. If the desired colour is a Medium Base (not currently available in the Diamond Satinwood range), we advise to use Dulux QD Satinwood, a durable water-based formulation for wood and metal. **Terms and conditions apply. Claims must be made within 6 months of purchase. Proof of purchase required. Colour claims limited to 10L per-customer. Manufacturer’s tips and instructions mus

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